Ms. Wheelchair Ohio

“Embracing diversity through advocacy, education, and leadership.”

Ms. Wheelchair Ohio is an advocacy- and education-based nonprofit organization raising awareness about disabilities and the physical, attitudinal, and institutional barriers people with disabilities face – as well as illuminating the successes of women wheelchair users. State titleholders use this platform to share their passions with businesses, government leaders, and the general public across the state to initiate change for the disability community.

Serving as a state titleholder also provides the opportunity to participate in the national competition, where women attend educational workshops, partake in community-building activities, and compete for the title of Ms. Wheelchair America. Whether crowned as the national titleholder, a recipient of another award, or neither, the experience leads to a network of powerful women wheelchair users, unanimously called a sisterhood.

[Image description: MWOH's logo is the state of Ohio in purple with the text "Ms. Wheelchair Ohio" in white in the middle. The state is wearing a silver crown.]

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