2022 Titleholder

Former Ms. Wheelchair Ohio 2022 – Krista Allison

Krista is a Caucasian woman with blonde hair, sitting in front of a grand piano at The Mount Vernon Grand Hotel. She is wearing a pink dress, a blue and white Ms. Wheelchair Ohio 2022 sash, and a silver crown atop her head.

Krista, who lives with Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease (CMT), is a federal government employee with a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice and a Master’s in management and public administration. She is also passionate about improving community accessibility for people with disabilities. Krista is a voice for many when she expresses her exhaustion caused by the uncertainty of making plans in her community, questioning whether there will be parking access, entrance ramps, and easily maneuverable doors for wheelchair users. Krista has brought modifiable accessibility concerns to the attention of local leaders in her area and will continue to strive to liberate people with disabilities by advocating for changes to physical barriers throughout Ohio.

In addition to sharing her platform, Krista served as a leader, role model, and spokesperson for the disability community in the state. She traveled across Ohio to educate the public and contribute to a more inclusive society, and her reign culminated when she traveled to Grand Rapids, Michigan, to compete for the title of Ms. Wheelchair America in August 2022.

Ms. Wheelchair Ohio 2022: Reign Highlights